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with Tiril Hasselknippe and Sandra Mujinga

at Magenta Plains
November 5–December 17 2017

(window space on 95 Orchard Street)
Vinyl, faux fur, aluminum foam, curved aluminum sheet, chicken wire, expanding foam, raffia, camping table, plexiglas, chairs, laser cut and engraved plexiglas, wax casts, LED bulb, light fixtures, chipboard, plates, oranges, cups, sour plums, containers, shelving unit, trolley, spray-paint, plastic tube, paraffin, beeswax, modelling wax, pigment, chipboard, light fixture, silicone


龜 鬼 (III), (2017)
Paraffin, beeswax, modelling wax, chipboard, LED bulb, light fixture, plastic tube, silicone

Shield (I), Shield (II), Shield (III) (2017)
Curved aluminum sheet, rivets, shaped handles