from KBC on Vimeo.

Songs in the key of T.T. from KBC on Vimeo.

[龜] engraved acrylic, laser-cut plywood, ribbon, chain
[圈] tube, water, air, water pump, plastic container, lasercut acrylic stands, engraved acrylic coins
Uni (ἐχῖνος) styrofoam, spray-paint, pins, food packaging, acrylic crystals, laser-cut acrylic, acrylic paint, primer, chestnuts, kenzan, goya, linen
Songs in the key of T.T. laser-cut acrylic, wood, Takara Tomy screen cleaner, wood glue

with Ingrid Furre, Johan Martin Christiansen & Shirin Sabahi
as part of Rainfall at Goya Curtain, Tokyo