Emotional Snack Bar II 29 November 2014, 9-21
Cigarrvägen 13, Stockholm

Sorgenfri Nudel

Recipe courtesy of Magdalene Chow of Kai Curry Bar, Penang Malaysia

Ami Kohara's portable stovetop, branches from Max Ockborn, clementines, clementine zest, neon, plastic, leatherette, styrofoam, laser-cut plexiglas, wood, water pump, pine branch, kenzan, bowl, laminated digital prints, projector, soundtrack by Faye Wong, kitchen utensils, faux fur, cast portland cement and marble (seats).

Seats were dispersed in public spaces in the suburb of Hökarangen, Stockholm after Emotional Snack Bar II Seats in Hökrangen

Day photos: Bjarni Tor Petursson
Evening photos: Lena Bergendahl

Part of the 圈(Circle) series with Max Ockborn, Lena Bergendahl and Jia Jia Zhang at Cigarrvägen 13